Why Clients Use FMC

3 - A Much Greater Choice of Candidates

  • We do not rely on job boards, only a small percentage of our placements comes from candidates sourced on job boards and advertising responses.
  • We offer a search and selection recruitment service but for a contingency fee.
  • We have a large, highly specialist database of mainly 'passive' candidates waiting for the right opportunity.  A perfect example of this is one of the architects that we placed this year had been on our database for 4 years, with no CV. It was only when we presented this opportunity to him did he write his CV and put himself in a position to move jobs.
  • As we have been recruiting architects in the insurance industry for over 3 years we have a huge network of architects across all companies in the insurance sector.


Why FMC?

  • We understand architecture recruitment
  • We find candidates that are not looking
  • We are focused on two things: delivery and relationships

Work for FMC

Niche organisation – big company thinking

Outstanding reputation in the market place for delivery and relationship development

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