Why Clients Use FMC

1 - We Understand Architecture Recruitment

  • We currently have circa 70 different architecture job classifications demonstrating we are able to understand the nuances and variations of architecture.
  • Architects are categorised on FMC’s database according to our classifications not theirs which is vitally important as there is no standardisation of architecture terms in the industry.
  • Therefore we can tell the difference between an EAI Architect, Integration Architect, Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Solution Architect etc!
  • We are always learning, know that architecture is always changing and we need to adapt our knowledge and understanding in order to remain as competitive as we are.


Why FMC?

  • We understand architecture recruitment
  • We find candidates that are not looking
  • We are focused on two things: delivery and relationships

Work for FMC

Niche organisation – big company thinking

Outstanding reputation in the market place for delivery and relationship development

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