Our Promise To You

We recognise that the strength of our agency depends on the solid partnerships we build with our candidates. As such we promise the following:

  • We will take time to understand you, your aspirations and what you want from a job – not just your skills and experience.
  • We will only arrange quality interviews for you - we’re not in the business of wasting your time, or that of our clients.
  • We will outline our process in advance and advise you on how much communication you will receive and when.
  • We will always provide timely and constructive feedback after an interview.
  • We will take the time to brief you on the company, the role and the cultural fit of prospective clients.
  • We provide a high level of post-placement follow-up to ensure that you are happy in your new role, so that the next time you are looking for a change you will want to come to us first.
  • We know how important word of mouth referral is and, as such, your experience is the best advertisement we could have.

Why FMC?

  • We understand architecture recruitment
  • We find candidates that are not looking
  • We are focused on two things: delivery and relationships

Work for FMC

Niche organisation – big company thinking

Outstanding reputation in the market place for delivery and relationship development

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