Case Study Interview Tips

Case Study Interviews

Again, depending on who and where you are interviewing with your consultant will be able to talk you through the details but here are some key factors you will need to consider:

Case Study Tips

  • Case studies are very challenging activities that are designed to test your ability to analyze a problem, not solve one.There is too little information and time for that to happen so what they are looking for is:
  • Your approach to solving the problem. What issues you have identified and how you would overcome them - you need to demonstrate your ability as an architect.
  • That you remember your audience. You may be interviewed by the Head of Architecture and IT Director but for the purpose of this role that are the Head of Marketing and CFO. With this in mind you need to sell your idea to them. Why should they invest their budget in your project, always think - what is in it for them? Especially focus on the quick wins that you will achieve as this.
  • Most but not all case studies are looking for you to demonstrate your business acumen more than your technical one. For example will the CFO really care that you have recommended Sun E10k instead of the HP equivalent. What they are much more interested in is how that benefits the business and never forget this, them personally.
  • Your ability in actually presenting the case study back.  A lot of your role may involve high level presentations to CxO level stakeholders so they need to feel comfortable in your ability to communicate at the right level.
  • Be interesting and memorable, remember it is not what you say it is how you say it.
  • Be prepared to make a decision on one of your options. You cannot be right or wrong as there is too little information but do not be afraid to make a choice. It will count against you if you don't.

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