How we Submit Candidates

After FMC has thoroughly interviewed candidates in accordance with our screening methodology (either by face to face, phone or Skype depending on the circumstances) we then look to submit their CV.


Candidate's CV

  • We ensure the candidate to highlights the tangible business benefits their architecture has delivered.
  • That the key architecture deliverables that they were responsible for are clearly highlighted.
  • The CV is focused on the key areas that you are interested in.


Candidate Summary

  • We try to give a good overall of the personality of the architect and highlight the personal characteristics that we uncovered during the interview process.
  • To give you a good idea of their motivations - an overview of the push and pull factors.
  • We look to answer all of the questions that were not answered in the CV.

Why FMC?

  • We understand architecture recruitment
  • We find candidates that are not looking
  • We are focused on two things: delivery and relationships

Work for FMC

Niche organisation – big company thinking

Outstanding reputation in the market place for delivery and relationship development

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