How we Screen Candidates

Once we have identified and sourced a candidate, the next and possibly most important step is to screen candidates effectively.  We believe that we have created a unique screen methodology based around our own Architecture Evaluation Document that is essential in identifying the top talent for your business.


Architecture Evaluation Document


This document looks to understand your architecture practice enabling FMC to produce a thorough and repeatable interview to correctly screen each candidate in accordance with a set criteria.  The document addresses the following areas:

  • The different architecture mandates and operating models specific architecture skills
  • How mature your different areas of architecture are; Business, Solutions and Enterprise
  • The different architecture approaches - each company looks at architecture in a different way understanding that is essential for screening
  • The personal capabilities required from the architect
  • Architecture service catalogue - to see what key services your are looking your architecture to offer 
  • Various architecture segment skills


Suffice to say this is an incredibly value and innovative document and provides the building blocks for our assessment of your architecture practice and subsequent architecture evaluation.  We know this is unique in the industry and none of the other architecture suppliers will be able to offer the you as an FMC client a screening methodology as comprehensive and as advanced as this.

Why FMC?

  • We understand architecture recruitment
  • We find candidates that are not looking
  • We are focused on two things: delivery and relationships

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